Monday, 4 April 2016

Strong – Enduring method in trick of Slot machine

You cannot take principle of physical to demonstrate existed rules inside. Because each time betting, players do not have any way to know you win or lose, maybe make profit double, triple or draw.
From these principles to talk, the first thing players need to do is to pay attention to risk. It means in the first bet you cannot use maximum method to bet, you have to use small bet to bet. Example, you are amateur so when first time you bet, you have to use 2 USD of lower level to bet.
Typically, there are just 3 situations to appear below:
A. Draw
B. Lose
C. Win
(We do not mention how many times you win)
With result A, maybe it is good result. However with result B is lose, because we just begin manipulating method of betting small, so we do not suffer big damage in accepted scope. And with result C, almost players will regret because they bet too small, however this is opportunity that I wait.
Next seconds bet, typically I manipulate this method. If the result in first bet is A, so I still manipulate method of betting minimum. But if the result is B or C, I will change method into betting maximum.
Principles that I lean on:
A is essential. So players can base on middle reel, if losing then I am still in Draw. So I am not worry about that.
B is risky, the cause is curved point changes strong into weak or weak into strong, So on just bet on a game, the chance is about 50%.
Finally C appear, if players bet maximum, because licked design of Slot machine, players are naturally happy, there is 90% or more that you can win again. This is Strong – Enduring method in trick of Slot machine.
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