Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Malaysia online casino – M8Win.com – Promotions

Malaysia Online Casino – M8Win.com – Bonuses And Promotions

1. 100% Welcome Promotion For New Registration Member

This bonus is open for new registration members of M8BET Online Casino and Sport Betting


 This Malaysia online casino would be giving away 100% promotion to those new

register members on M8BET one – stop online gaming website.

 100% promotion would be credited after deposit of minimum $30 and above, proceed

time is within fifteen minutes after verification and checking.

 Members need to fulfill thirty times rollover prior request for any withdrawal could be



- 100% + Minimum Deposit $30 = 60

- Rollover: 30 Rollover x $60 = 1,800

 Any bet placed on 2 opposite sides or draw would not be taken into the count or

calculation towards any rollover requirement.

 Maximum of promotion just up to $588.

 This bonus is not allowed for multiple accounts, if there is any usage or collusion of

multiple account, all free credit would be confiscated.

 Members are selecting this bonus would not entitle to get the top up promotion. This

bonus just available for new members and one-time claims only.

 This Malaysia online casino reverses the right to change, modify, or terminated the

bonus without prior notice.

2. 20% Weekend Top UP Bonus

 This bonus is open for all members of M8BET Online Casino and Sports Betting site.

 M8BET would be giving away 20% bonus for those members top up with $30 and


 This promotion would be credited within fifteen minutes after verification and


 The maximum of promotion just up to $388.

 Members should fulfill the relevant rollover on this Malaysia online casino and Sports

Betting site prior request for any withdrawal to be made.


- Deposit $50 + Bonus 20%

- Rollover: 15 Rollover x $60 = $900

 Any bet placed on 2 opposite sides or draw would not be taken into the count or

calculation towards any rollover requirement.

 This bonus just available for one-time claims only for every top up.

 M8BET has right to change, modify, or terminated the bonus without prior notice.

3. 60% Free Bet For New Registration Member

 This bonus is valid for new registration members of M8bet online casino and sport

betting site.

 This Malaysia online casino would be giving away 60% promotion to those new

register members on M8BET one-stop online gaming website.

 60% promotion would be credited after deposit of minimum $30 and above, proceed

time is within fifteen minutes after verification and checking.

 Member should fulfill twelve times rollover prior request for any withdrawal to be



- Minimun Deposit $30 + 60% = $48

- Rollover: 12 Rollover x $48 = $576

 Any bet places on 2 opposite sides or draw would not be taken into the count or

calculation towards any rollover requirement.

 Maximum of promotion just up to $168.

 This Malaysia online casino has the right to change, modify, or terminated the bonus

without prior notice.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

The Roulette 70 % winning tricks

Roulette is a game different from other games like Blackjack or Baccarat. Way to play Roulette is quite simple, doesn’t like other Card games, so you can’t get more winning chances by calculating winnings when playing cards. Roulette is a game that is based on true luck, win or lose chances that is a big part of the game, say so does not mean that there is no way to winning roulette .
Cause Roulette has no commission for the casino as Baccarat and also unlike Blackjack has round draw, so that every bet in Roulette will certainly be won or lost. Here are the secrets to playing Roulette up to 70 % winning when gambling online for real money.
1. Bet on colors
Players often in a dilemma when choose color to bet though only 1 in 2 out red and black. There will be a 50 % chance of happening for 2 colors. Notice when you should bet only 1 bet on a certain color you have chosen, can first start with 1 contract then rose to $ 5 if winnings. Also, you can play Roulette for free you just have to bet on one of the tables outside the door. At this time, there is always the same chance of winning for one color will take place.
2. Bet on Number
Bet during the between 1-18 and 19 - 36. In general, need to bet the same amount bet on the color. You can only bet once or at most twice on the numbers in the range above.
3. Bet in Line
Bet on the color and bet in rows basically the same principles. Because if your first bet and winnings , keep your bets unchanged , even if your bet loses once more with the same amount lost a bet . Doubling the bet and bet again, this time you only need one lucky that you can take it all back. Note that this comes bet is that you will have to risk losing a large amount of capital but you will have the opportunity to win double your initial capital.
Above are some secrets to playing winning roulette gambling online while 70 %. You can manipulate this way and applied to join Roulette your way.
Good luck!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Be confident in your vision when playing Slot

Players feel so hurt and sorrow in way of gambling Slot? Maybe because players have chased a fixed goal and this is wrong decision, if players do not have capability to do this but players force them to do then this makes them suffer pain, but if players study from riches and bet recklessly then they will be empty- handed.  The thing you should do, it is to chase profit, whatever big or small, also require yourself in this psychosphere but not to want only to earn big money. When players are in pain, maybe players can think again. Is that so hard – headed in gambling way which is unstable with chasing goal?
Do not let the others makes you feel pain, or in other words, should not feel the others makes you hurt. Actually playing slot game is for yourself, the others cannot do anything with your result. Winning – losing is based on your luck and skill, not concern to the others, if you complain the others so you just make yourself become worse and more unconscious to see the truth of the thing.
Try to do your best then you do not need to regret about the result. Of course, you need to ensure yourself in profitability, ensure yourself be in the best status, ensure your limit plan. So on that is protection.
Trust is a thing which helps you a lot. If you do not have trust then you cannot win money of slot machine. Play more bravely, you will win.
When you lose or win, you need to use suitable mentality for treatment. When winning, players need to think why I won last game? So think and note your experiences, they will be useful, so these experiences may bring to you some winnings in next games. If you lose, you are not depressed, you need to believe that, you will take money back but not immediately. Winning – losing in slot game is so typical, just skills can help you safety.
If you want to earn money, then you need to take betting action, nothing can help you win money with betting. If you analyst situation well and know when to take action, then you will win big money. Be brave to take action then you will win big prize.
Find out more and enjoy many casino online games at scr888. Good luck!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Side Bets in Online Roulette

Side Bets in Online Roulette
Playing the interesting game of Roulette at land based casinos never becomes old ‐ there is something just so exhilarating and marvelous about the long tables and the crowds which they attract, the anticipation is quite tangible and it just adds to the experience with every spin.
Online Roulette nevertheless does not have the same social factor and interaction (if you are not a live dealer casino roulette game) and as such can feel a little dull after playing for an extended period. Because of this, online casinos have added side bets to some roulette variants.
The most common form of online roulette with a side betting option is the Roulette Royale game at Microgaming powered online casinos. The side bet appears on a progressive jackpot game but smaller payouts are also granted along the way. So as to stand in line to win the progressive prize you are asked to place a compulsory side bet of $1 with every spin you play on the Roulette wheel. If any number appears twice in a row, then the payout is $15, if a number is called three times, payouts of $200 are payable, if any number turns up four times in a row, a payout of $3,000 is made and any number appearing five times in a row wins the progressive jackpot in addition to all previous payouts.
This effectively means that you will bet $5 to stand in line to win the progressive jackpot ‐ which is not bad considering that some progressive slots ask you to wager the max on a number of paylines, often equating to 5 times that value per spin.
These side bets not only make the game more amazing but they also give you the chance of winning more than you ever would on the standard wagering options should you happen to be lucky. That said though, one needs to exercise caution when choosing to play some side bets in casino games as these bets normally tend to payout at much smaller percentages over the long time than those in other games so they are never a good choice to play on an on-going basis, but should rather be enjoyed from time to time as a break from your normal game play routine.
The primary issue with the side bet in the Roulette Royale game is that it is compulsory, so you cannot just play the standard roulette game without playing the side bet too. This can really make a dent in your budget quite quickly and result in a much shorter game play time as a result. So if you are finding a change or pace or are just feeling fortunate, then Roulette Royal might be a good online casino game ‐ but it is not a game you should be playing every time you visit your favorite online casino if you are searching for consistent profits.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

No Download and Download Casinos

Mobile casino Malaysia Casinos include two forms; No Download and Download Casinos. Nowadays, even though both operate smoothly, downloadable applications usually run a bit better than non-downloadable ones just since there is less external interference. The fabulous news here is that HTML5 games that run on all platforms don’t require you to have flash which is installed on your mobile. The truth is that while most casino games function quite well on mobile browsers, some games such as Slots tend to lag or malfunction since there is a lot going on in the workings of the game itself. As mentioned before, providing that your mobile is powerful enough and you have the required amount of memory to download a real application, you may want opt to use a download Android Casino that will enable you to open up the application whenever you would like. Another major plus for doing this is the fact that your game will fit the whole screen, unlike when you play via a no downloadable Android Casino. With all this said, we come back to our previous point which is the unlucky fact that with the ways things currently stand, Google doesn’t permit casinos to list real money casino apps for you to download on Google Play anyway, so you will only be able to play for fun. Therefore, if gambling for real money is what you are looking to do, it goes without saying that you should choose to use a browser based Casino instead.
Mobile Bonuses
Whereas an unbelievable amount of work goes into creating online mobile platforms, even more goes into motivating people to play! Even though many people do not advertise this fact readily, it really is worth mentioning that both Android as well as iPhone users often benefit from exclusive bonuses just for playing via handheld device.
The Games
In this day and age, you will be able to find a wide range of mobile casino games that were not available a little while ago. The reality is that up until a couple of years ago, all you could possibly get on mobile devices were easy games like slots that did not need much of a design or maintenance. These slot games were far from sophisticated as they were simply modeled on the original games seen on the online casino sites themselves. Nevertheless, during the past decade casino software designers like NetEnt, with their Touch™, and even Microgaming, have started to push the boat out and release high quality casino games particularly for mobile devices. These contain the likes of extremely advanced mobile slot games like NetEnt’s new Aliens slot game, as well as the likes of Blackjack and even mobile versions of Roulette and Texas Hold Em Poker.
In addition, players also register major improvements in graphics, sounds and even the gameplay in reference to most games out there, which in effect has made these games so interesting that you would definitely struggle to find out what the differences between the two are. As a matter of fact, there are many people nowadays that refer gambling via a mobile device rather than a PC, as mobile gaming applications appear to be more appealing than ever before. Some live casino malaysia software manufacturers are even making specialized casino games for use on mobile devices only.
Opening a Mobile Casino Account
Opening a Mobile Casino account is as simple as a pie of cake and almost identical to the process applied to register for a traditional online casino account. If you take the four steps enlisted below, we can guarantee a simple, fast and rewarding experience that you will not forget in a hurry:
-          Select a username, password, and valid email address (make sure that the username you have chosen is not the same as someone else’s).
-          Type your preferred payment details into the field provided based on the options given to you (do not worry too much about this, Mobile Casino accounts often make use of the same payment methods as traditional online casino sites, more on that later.)
-          Verify your account via email (it is necessary that the Mobile Casino site is able to identify you are not a robot or a strange bug!)
-          Congratulations, you are ready to rock, roll and embark on a new portable casino journey!
Even though some online casinos still allow users to play games for free, a growing number do require the player to pay to play. Many mobile casino applications now come with a list of secure payment methods that are heavily encrypted and permit players to play with real money in a safe environment. And in case you wonder how safe you actually are, all the Mobile Casinos in our top list use the same levels of security used on “normal” Online casino sites meaning that willing players can look forward to their information being highly encrypted using internationally accepted industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption algorithms which is the same level of protection usually employed by banks.
Payment Options
For the most part, payment options for mobile online casinos are quite much the same you would find at online casino sites and you can hope to see all the common suspects including Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Solo, Visa, Visa Debit, WebMoney and Western Union amongst others. Moreover, players do not have to worry about withdrawal times as they are exactly the same as they would often find when they access their favorite sites through computer or laptop.
What about my Mobile Casino Winnings?
If you decide to play a mobile casino game, you have choice of either playing a free game or a game that permits you to play and win using real money (depending on what device you use) - the choice is ultimately yours! Feel confident enough to play for real money? Then go ahead, you could really be able to double your money on the deposit you made initially! In all honesty, even though playing without money is quite entertaining, playing with real money is even better! Once you have gained you can to withdraw the money at any time you want, just choose the payment method you want to use and watch your winnings roll in!
It does not matter if you are playing at a poker house or if you are playing blackjack at a mobile casino, provided that you give out your details to set up an account, you will be able to play, deposit money and withdraw winnings at will. Just imagine it! You are sitting in traffic waiting for the cars to move and you have just won hundreds of dollars, possibly even a million if you have playing progressive slots.
Mobile Casinos: Discover the Future you deserve in the palm of your hand!
With off the chart bonuses, fascinating graphics and unlimited opportunities all in the palm of your hand, mobile casino Malaysia applications are the true embodiment of the future of iGambling in a way that you could not even have dreamt of before. Mobile casinos have not only supported for the future, but they are the only answer to the gambling guru which does not want to miss a beat! So what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the queue by pressing download on one of the top applications listed on our site and strap your seatbelt since you are in for an exhilarating ride!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Strong – Enduring method in trick of Slot machine

You cannot take principle of physical to demonstrate existed rules inside. Because each time betting, players do not have any way to know you win or lose, maybe make profit double, triple or draw.
From these principles to talk, the first thing players need to do is to pay attention to risk. It means in the first bet you cannot use maximum method to bet, you have to use small bet to bet. Example, you are amateur so when first time you bet, you have to use 2 USD of lower level to bet.
Typically, there are just 3 situations to appear below:
A. Draw
B. Lose
C. Win
(We do not mention how many times you win)
With result A, maybe it is good result. However with result B is lose, because we just begin manipulating method of betting small, so we do not suffer big damage in accepted scope. And with result C, almost players will regret because they bet too small, however this is opportunity that I wait.
Next seconds bet, typically I manipulate this method. If the result in first bet is A, so I still manipulate method of betting minimum. But if the result is B or C, I will change method into betting maximum.
Principles that I lean on:
A is essential. So players can base on middle reel, if losing then I am still in Draw. So I am not worry about that.
B is risky, the cause is curved point changes strong into weak or weak into strong, So on just bet on a game, the chance is about 50%.
Finally C appear, if players bet maximum, because licked design of Slot machine, players are naturally happy, there is 90% or more that you can win again. This is Strong – Enduring method in trick of Slot machine.
Enter scr888 to enjoy many other casino online games.