Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Side Bets in Online Roulette

Side Bets in Online Roulette
Playing the interesting game of Roulette at land based casinos never becomes old ‐ there is something just so exhilarating and marvelous about the long tables and the crowds which they attract, the anticipation is quite tangible and it just adds to the experience with every spin.
Online Roulette nevertheless does not have the same social factor and interaction (if you are not a live dealer casino roulette game) and as such can feel a little dull after playing for an extended period. Because of this, online casinos have added side bets to some roulette variants.
The most common form of online roulette with a side betting option is the Roulette Royale game at Microgaming powered online casinos. The side bet appears on a progressive jackpot game but smaller payouts are also granted along the way. So as to stand in line to win the progressive prize you are asked to place a compulsory side bet of $1 with every spin you play on the Roulette wheel. If any number appears twice in a row, then the payout is $15, if a number is called three times, payouts of $200 are payable, if any number turns up four times in a row, a payout of $3,000 is made and any number appearing five times in a row wins the progressive jackpot in addition to all previous payouts.
This effectively means that you will bet $5 to stand in line to win the progressive jackpot ‐ which is not bad considering that some progressive slots ask you to wager the max on a number of paylines, often equating to 5 times that value per spin.
These side bets not only make the game more amazing but they also give you the chance of winning more than you ever would on the standard wagering options should you happen to be lucky. That said though, one needs to exercise caution when choosing to play some side bets in casino games as these bets normally tend to payout at much smaller percentages over the long time than those in other games so they are never a good choice to play on an on-going basis, but should rather be enjoyed from time to time as a break from your normal game play routine.
The primary issue with the side bet in the Roulette Royale game is that it is compulsory, so you cannot just play the standard roulette game without playing the side bet too. This can really make a dent in your budget quite quickly and result in a much shorter game play time as a result. So if you are finding a change or pace or are just feeling fortunate, then Roulette Royal might be a good online casino game ‐ but it is not a game you should be playing every time you visit your favorite online casino if you are searching for consistent profits.

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