Monday, 15 February 2016

Top 2 Slot Games Based on Hit Movies

 For the slot addicted players, the easy to play, the lesser bet to place while the larger to gain for jackpot is of course the key answer why this slot game online casino still be welcomed and to be the most favorite one from time to time despite of the genders and ages for the players all over the world. Some slot lovers might prefer to play for the great blue slot game as it is not only easy to understand but the jackpot is relatively possible to win the huge prizes. While some slot lovers might choose to bet for the highway king slot as it is the combination of fun-filled and action packed throughout the playing time. Anyway, it is a time to recheck whether the slot addicted players have ever missed some wonderful slot online casinos or not? It might be a time to hold on playing the great blue slot game casino online, and try the other attractive one which is influenced by the famous hit movies like Rocky and King Kong.

•Rocky Online Slot Game: This slot game online is definitely inspired by the classic boxing movie namely Rocky. The game has tailored with 5 reels slot in the action-packed. To play this Rocky Slot Game, it is needed to understand that the player might be the one that would like to play for a largest prize as the bet line has worth at the amount of 10,000 coins. It would be provided once the five wild symbols have been landed in the active payline. By which the legendary Italian Stallion logo would represent for the scatter symbol which the multiplier shall be on top once the scatter of 2 or more have been land on the indicated reels. Moreover this Rocky slot game is also available for free play option to encourage the new generation of player to try for fun and practice well enough prior to play for real money later on. The key point of this Rocky slot game would be the letter R-O-C-K-Y to be spell out on the reels which refers to the special bonus round to be triggered and the player would win for 5 times of the whole wager.

•King Kong Online Slot Game: If any players still remember how the famous of this King Kong Movie is, they would not forget to try playing on. The famous ape that terrorized New York City in the Hollywood blockbuster would now be available to play for online casino slot game. This King Kong slot game has tailored with 25 paylines and 5 reels to create more winning chance for the player to win the prizes. To start playing the game, the player can choose the desired backgrounds which are designed for 2 versions one is big city and the other one is jungle whereas the paytable is just no difference. Only the symbols would be varied between these 2 play modes. For jungle, the player could enjoy the slot game with 3 King Kong symbols and 3 re-spin option. On the other hand, for big city mode, the player would be given more 3 re-spin to play.

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