Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Guidelines to live Casino gambling platforms

There have been many online casinos which have been adding what is known as a live casino gaming
platform to their available gaming sites over the last years.
If you have any questions related to what exactly these gaming platforms can provide you, keep on
reading for below we have the answer to the most often asked questions casino game players have
regarding to playing at Live Casino sites.
How Can I View the Games?

When you play at any Live Casino site, you will find an onscreen box on which the video stream that is broadcast live from the casino site will be displayed, to ensure you can get the highest playing enjoyment, you will find this video stream is high quality and you will be able to raise the size of the video displayed according to the screen size of your device that you access the site from.

What Stakes Can I Play Live Casino games for?

Luckily,  almost all Live Casino websites know and completely understand that all level of casino game players want to play their range of games online, and as such when playing at any casino sites that provides a live gaming platform you find a very large spread of various stake options can be picked up from.

Whether I can play live Casino Games for Free or not?

There are not many online casinos providing live casino games which will allow you to play for free,
however what you have to do is to register as a new player then visit any of the live table games and
simply watch them play out, and this is a useful way to observe just how the games flow and play, so
considering logging in and taking a look at any of our featured online casino sites range of live casino
games for they are all worth playing!

How Can I make sure the Games are fair?

There are some ways in which you can be assured of fair and random games when playing at a live casino site. In the first place, you will see the cards being dealt on live casino games and also will see the cards shuffled and when playing Roulette in a live casino format the ball is spun in view of you through the camera angle. All live casino sites we showcase to our website visitors also are fully licensed and regulated.

Can I Play in various Currencies?

You get no problems whatsoever playing in any currencies you prefer when playing at most if not all live casino sites, but be aware that it is when you first register as a new player that you will be given the option of selecting a currency setting for your casino account, so make sure you use your home currency when you sign up as a new player!

Are Live Games compatible with Mobile Devices Users?

We can see some of the main live casino game platform designers who come up with their own unique mobile gaming platforms that provide players the ability to use any type of mobile device to access live casino games. Nevertheless, to get the maximum playing enjoyment and experience, you had better use a mobile device that has a large screen, for if you choose to play on a mobile device when you access to live casino games which has a small screen you won’t get the maximum playing pleasure as you will not be able to see the live casino game splaying out in their full glory!

Will I Gain a lot of Casino Bonuses?

You will certainly not be short regarding to the number of casino bonuses which are offered to you when you play at a live casino site, but do be aware that if you want to take any live casino up on its respective bonus offers , always read carefully through the bonus terms and conditions for the games all being low house edges games at live casino sites may come with some slightly different rules regarding to play through requirements when you camper their bonuses to standard online casino bonus offers.

Do I Earn Comps When I Play Live Casino Games?

You will see that any time you log on to play at any live casino site and then choose to play any of their present games for real money, you will of course get comp points which are added to your loyalty account at that respective casino site, but just when playing at any type of online casino the number of points you  earn and the redemption rates at which you can turn your comp points in additional casino credits is going to change depending on just which live online casino site you play at!

Can I play Live Casino Slot Games?

You can have a chance of playing the standard type of software driven slot games when you play at a live casino, however these will not be real life slot machines they will be the type seen at both downloadable and instant play casino sites and as such a random number generator is used to decide the result and computer generated graphics are used to show the slot games!

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