Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Great blue slot – the combination of betting traditional game and modern graphics

Betting games are not a strange name with players around the world. With attractive factor, the suspense, surprises, games are increasingly attracting more participants and experience. If select betting game genre, you will have the opportunity to be immersed in the game world at large. However, in order to choose a great game, the most appropriate game, it is not easy. If you're confusing between so many selections, I will introduce you to the betting game, which I consider to be the best betting game today. The name of game is Great blue slot.
Recently, Great blue slot is unfamiliar to gamers around the world. The theme of Great blue slot is ocean. When you open this game, you will be surprise because of the great interface, lively graphics and many cute creatures. Then, you will be slowly immersed in the deep blue sea. The more you play this game, the more you feel wonderful.
To take part in Great blue slot is so easy, but if you want to gain the best rewards, you should read carefully some following directions, this will help you a lot of.
The first direction that you have to know clearly is about symbols of Great blue slot game.
General introduction, Great blue slot has some points that similar to other slot game, this slot contains 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Small value icons are symbolized by cards, as playing cards bubble away and reels spin. Higher value icons are symbolized by pretty sea animals such as shark, sea horse, stripy yellow tropical fish, and turtle.
The second direction is some features you should take notes.
In this game, beside you will encounter the cute icons, you will see the great features of the game, which if you understand and know how to use it, you will easily gain the great rewards. The two most typical feature of the game, you have to know: free spins and gamble feature.
The first feature is free spins. I can confirm that free spin is the most feature of Great blue slot. Free spins is the main bonus features in this game and it really is a fascinating feature. If you want to begin free spins you should select 2 sea shells out of 5 presented in order to win more Free Spins and more multiplier value. What is more, get 3 or more scatters on the spools and retrigger added 15 Free Spins.
The second feature is gamble feature. Gamble feature is a wonderful feature of this betting game. For the gamblers among us have a advantageous chance to gamble your last winning - just click the 'Gamble' below top of the screen and then select either red or black to double your money. Even when you are incorrect what you lost money and are more round.
In summary, Great blue slot is really a great game, which can help you relax after hard working days. It's so easy. You just need to pay attention a few instructions above and you can win an unexpected way. I believe you will love it.
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