Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Open the Vault and Cash in Now

If you're that kind of player who's big into crime stories and mafia movies, then you know that the biggest scores always include getting inside of some sort of vault. That's where the big money is kept, and that's where you want to be if you're a less-than-ethical personal who's looking to take some cash off of an unrespecting victim. But, you don't have to be a bad guy to get a ton of vault value this weekend and on into next week. Look at this hot offer to see why that's the case. Online betting Malaysia is offering a hot vault offer right now that gives you a chance to get value in several ways.

If you use the VAULT promo code, you'll get several types of value depending on how much and how often you deposit. You can use this code up two times daily. Deposits of RM125 and up are going to get a 300 percent match for playing slots. But, if you kick that up to the RM250+ level, then you'll get some extra added on to the tune of 350 percent total. In addition, using this VAULT code twice in a day gives you 50 percent cashback on both of your deposits. This promo code and these deals are valid through September 22, so you have different days to cash in on the vault.
The wagering requirements are 25 times the bonus and the deposit, and you're allowed to play slots in addition to keno, bingo and scratch cards to clear it. Play on other games will free your bonus and winnings. In the conclusion, this is a great deal, but just remembers to contact support to have the cashback rewards added to your account if you qualify for them since they have to be manually added. With online betting Malaysia, you're going to get a good combo of rewards and top-tier games. With the VAULT promo code, you'll see a good instance of how they link two different forms of value to give your bankroll a big jolt all at one time. This is why online betting Malaysia is one of the favorites of players who are looking to kick off 2015 on a strong note and set the tone for the entire year. If you're this kind of player, then this is where you need to be.

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