Friday, 6 May 2016

Highway King - What is the Highway King?

Summary: Are you curious of the Highway King  slot game? This article will give you some of the basic information of this slot game.
1. What Is The Highway King ?
Highway King  is a popular casino online Malaysia  game. The theme of this slot game is an ancient story about the monkeys which could get the top of the world in just one minute. In order to play this slot game, the only thing you need to do is to make bets on your preferred monkeys. You are also able to bet on the runner-up and on monkeys which will be on the third place.
2. Story Of Highway King
The game is originated from a story of Thunderbolt Monkeys. A long time ago, before human beings reaching the sky, the only species that could get the top of the world were monkeys. At this time, there was a race among these monkeys every 100 years. The first monkey which could reach to the sky was crowned and considered as the Thunderbolt king in 100 years. The rules of this race were always strict and tight. The ropes made of royal silk could just hold the lightest monkey. Nobody thought that this was a simple competition. And now, you can try checking your luck and skills with the amazing Highway King  slot game.
3. Features Of Highway King
You will have only 2 minutes to play for each game. When there is less than 10 seconds left, countdown timer will produce an amazing sound, so you do not get distracted with it. Highway King  also has attractive jackpot animation, along with the jackpot warrior displaying whenever the jackpot is offered. Next, with this slot game, you can zoom in to see these monkeys from a closer approach. In addition to this, this game offers you a lot of table seats, multiplier awards for each race, and complex bet panel that allows you to earn higher winning in case you make the combined bets. However, you also need to pay attention to events that will make your monkeys be pushed down by birds or land of the ropes. More importantly, it is a slot game that is compatible to any desktop client or web browser so you can play it easily at your comfort from your own house. Last but not least, Highway King  is a sophisticated algorithm so it will bring a lot of money as well as profits to the casino owners.

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